Why Not Use the Quran for Muslim Evangelism

Some Christians adamantly oppose utilizing the Quran for Muslim Evangelism. Nonetheless others ask, “Why not use the Quran?” There are respectable objections to utilizing it, simply as there are respectable causes for utilizing it as a witnessing device. There are a number of causes folks do not use the Quran for Muslim evangelism, however the function of this text is to briefly talk about the highest three causes.

Firstly, many who forbid using the Quran as a device for Muslim evangelism cite that doing so could back-fire and trigger Muslims to dig in deeper and examine their very own holy e book. This argument states that when Muslims encounter a foreigner, or what of their eyes is an infidel, quoting the Quran and educated of its contents they might turn into embarrassed. I’ve witnessed this in Arab Muslims. Really, the difficulty comes when one in every of God’s laborers is extra educated of the Muslim holy e book than the Muslims he is talking with. I’ve had the respect of discussing Jesus Christ’s distinctive place within the Quran with Muslim Imams (preachers) they usually’ve been very comfy. Alternatively, many who’re much less versed within the Quran have typically been embarrassed. The difficulty is that this embarrassment could lead some to revert again to the Online Quran learning as an alternative of following its promptings to learn and observe the teachings of the Bible.

As I’ve said many occasions earlier than, there is no such thing as a magic bullet in Muslim evangelism. There is no excellent methodology that works each time for each individual. This primary potential downside with utilizing the Quran is a respectable one.

One other main objection to utilizing the Quran as a device in Muslim evangelism is that utilizing or quoting a part of it as authoritative could indicate to Muslims that you just settle for its authority as a complete. Once more, it is a very respectable argument. In spite of everything, why ought to anybody be allowed to choose and select the verses that match one’s functions and low cost the authority of the whole e book? As one who continually refers back to the Quran in Muslim evangelism, I’ve heard this query from the lips of Muslims many occasions. As I’ve grown more proficient at utilizing the Quran to steer males to Christ and the Bible, I’ve realized deal with this query head on. My response is at all times respectful and tempered with humility. Apparently sufficient, the reply is discovered within the Quran itself. Merely put, I inform Muslims that I’ve learn the Quran in English and I am frequently studying it in Arabic, its authentic language. What I’ve discovered to date is that I do not agree with it totally. I can actually say that my direct, sincere method to my views of the Quran haven’t negatively impacted my efforts at Muslim evangelism. My use of the Quran, nevertheless, has enhanced my outcomes. That is my expertise, not everybody’s.

Lastly, some take difficulty with utilizing the Online Quran Classes in Muslim evangelism as a result of they really feel we need not use it since now we have the Bible. ‘Why use a flicker of sunshine once you’re holding a brand new flash mild within the different hand?’ goes the argument. Once more, this reasoning has some advantage. I suppose that in an ideal world, Muslims would merely settle for the Bible as God’s unadulterated phrase and gladly obtain it. I’ve discovered that this isn’t the case… ever. Most Muslims reject the fashionable Bible and continually consult with the corruption of the Bible. I’ve even met males who had been afraid to deal with it and even obtain it for concern of what their respective households would say or do to them in the event that they possessed such an evil e book. Muslim opposition to the Bible is fixable, however it’s sturdy, nonetheless. Because of this I consult with the Quran, one thing they know and belief. The Quran says many occasions that males ought to know and imagine in “the previous books”.

As we might all agree, Muslim evangelism isn’t any straightforward job. Many incorporate using the Quran as a result of it helps their efforts to introduce Christ to Muslims. Nonetheless, others select to not use it as a result of it hinders their efforts to introduce Christ to Muslims. Discover, the purpose of Muslim evangelism is similar for these on each side of the argument. Understanding the professionals and cons of every method is a giant a part of working collectively in His fields.


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